PHPMD - PHP Mess Detector


Installing via Composer

Create a composer.json file in your project directory and add PHPMD as a required dependency:

{ "require-dev": { "phpmd/phpmd" : "2.0.*" } }

Then install Composer in your project (or download the composer.phar directly):

~ $ curl -s | php

And finally let Composer install the project dependencies:

~ $ php composer.phar install

From the github repository

If you like to participate on the social coding plattform GitHub, you can use PHPMD's mirror to fork and contribute to PHPMD.

~ $ git clone git://

Then cd into the checkout directory initialize the referenced sub modules:

~ $ cd phpmd ~/phpmd $ git submodule update --init

This installs the build framework used by PHPMD. To initialize PHPMD's requirements you should now invoke Ant with the initialize target:

~/phpmd $ ant initialize

This command installs the dependencies used by PHPMD. Please note that this command will produce a lot of output on the shell.


PHPMD itself is considered as an early development version at its current state. It relies on the following software products:

RDF | HTML | Text