PHPMD - PHP Mess Detector


Installing via Composer

Create a composer.json file in your project directory and add PHPMD as a required dependency:

{ "require": { "phpmd/phpmd" : "1.4.*" } }

Then install Composer in your project (or download the composer.phar directly):

~ $ curl -s | php

And finally let Composer install the project dependencies:

~ $ php composer.phar install

From the github repository

If you like to participate on the social coding plattform GitHub, you can use PHPMD's mirror to fork and contribute to PHPMD.

~ $ git clone git://

Then cd into the checkout directory initialize the referenced sub modules:

~ $ cd phpmd ~/phpmd $ git submodule update --init

This installs the build framework used by PHPMD. To initialize PHPMD's requirements you should now invoke Ant with the initialize target:

~/phpmd $ ant initialize

This command installs the dependencies used by PHPMD. Please not that this command will produce a lot of output on the shell.

Installing as a PEAR package

The preferred way to install PHPMD should be the PEAR installer and PHPMD's PEAR channel, where you will always find the latest stable version. Because PHPMD heavily relies on metrics measured with PHP Depend you must also discover this project's PEAR Channel. Just enter:

~ $ pear channel-discover ~ $ pear channel-discover ~ $ pear install --alldeps phpmd/PHP_PMD


PHPMD itself is considered as an early development version at its current state. It relies on the following software products:

RDF | HTML | Text