PHPMD - PHP Mess Detector

PHPMD Extensions

On this page you can find extensions available for the PHP Mess Detector project.

Ant Task

Simple task that allows a seamless integration of PHPMD into the ant build tool.

2010/08/10 - ant-phpmd-0.1.2 (api, src)

2010/04/07 - ant-phpmd-0.1.1 (api, src)

2010/01/20 - ant-phpmd-0.1.0

Java Binding

JAR file that provides a Java binding for PHPMD. This library can be used to develop Java applications that utilize PHPMD's features.

2010/08/10 - java-phpmd-0.1.1 (api, src)

2010/04/07 - java-phpmd-0.1.0 (api, src)

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